ESFARM is a joint initiative of the most important Farmers Associations of Southern Europe in order to promote the production of renewable energy as a complementary activity to food production on farms.

RESFARM is working in order to develop the technical, legal, financial and marketing solutions that suit farmers, investors and society. In this way, we can be able to participate in the sector of the green energy, a revolution that is already taking place.

Dialogue among stakeholders is currently taking place, and you can be part of it.


  • The aim of RESFARM is to develop a framework to promote, operate and finance renewable energy systems on farms.

    The challenge is to mobilize the agricultural and financial sector to the scale necessary to substantially contribute to the development of an environmentally and socially sustainable energy model in southern Europe.
    RESFARM aims to provide the sufficient number of farmers and investors to develop thousands of renewable energy systems in a coordinated, efficient, and economically viable way.

    The efforts of RESFARM are focused on increasing and diversifying income and jobs in rural communities at the same time as developing a high quality investment class.

  • We will connect farmers and capital markets in order to mobilize land and financial resources on the scale required to move from a fossil-based energy model to a socially inclusive green model.

    This will be possible by producing and disseminating standards in the design, grid connecting and financing process of on-farm renewable energy systems. By improving transparency, reducing costs and aggregating systems farmers and investors will be able to get involved easily in distributed renewable energy production.

    We started our activities in March 2015. In the coming months, we are conducting an extensive survey among the relevant communities for RESFARM; famers, financiers, engineers and law makers. At the end of this process we will be in the position to establish a financial instrument that will be used as the standard for the farmers of Southern Europe.

  • The RESFARM consortium is currently comprised of the most influential Agricultural Associations of Spain, Italy and Greece, which jointly represent the interests of more than 1.5 million farmers. The project is led by Unións Agrarias-UPA of Spain.

    While Spanish farmers are represented by SLG and AGACA, the majority of Italian and Greek farmers are represented through RESFARM by Agricoltura e Vita-CIA and PASEGES. Banco Sabadell brings their financial knowledge and expertise to the organization as a leader in the European Financial Market. The engineering firms ELA of Spain and Biomass Research of Holland incorporate their extensive experience in both design and renewable energy systems. The University of A Coruña, in Spain, has undertaken necessary research and investigation to guarantee the validity of the materials generated during the project. INEGA brings the public administrative sector’s perspective to all activities of RESFARM.

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the United States contributes technical knowledge, experience and reach as the worldwide leading institution in the field of renewable energies. The European Commission contributes to RESFARM through the Work Programme Horizon 2020.