ESFARM is developing a proposal for farmers who want to be part of the green energy revolution. Your land is the ultimate source of energy, and we will help you to put it to work.

We are conducting an international survey in order to know your potential and needs. Contact your local farmers’ association or cooperative, complete the contact form or write us at .


  • Agrarian land represents 55.2% of the Spanish territory, 47.4% of Italian land and 63.2% of Greece, with a lot of renewable energy resources (e.g. more than 2,000 yearly equivalent peak solar hours in most regions). From the farmers´ associations that lead this proposal, an analysis has identified the barriers that are impeding farmers from taking advantage of this potential source of income. The main conclusion achieved is that most of the problems that farmers are facing are related to financing the investment. From the farmers point of view, renewable energy projects are still characterized by high up-front capital costs and a complex and fast changing regulatory framework. As a consequence, cash-strapped farmers are reluctant to invest in these “high risk – low return options” and only under very favourable subsidies.

    Those who consider making the investment with traditional bank loans are frequently denied the loans or have to pay high interest. The reduction in farm income and its high volatility (income changed by more than 30% annually on more than 54% of all farms over the last five years) are not helped by access to traditional lenders. The current recession has worsened the situation, especially in the targeted countries, where access to affordable finance is extremely difficult and relies on the availability of subsidies which are being substantially reduced.

  • The objective of RESFARM is to dramatically increase investment in renewable energy systems (RES) on farms by developing an investment instrument with the capacity to broaden access to capital markets. The proposed action is designed to initiate a process to support the transition from project-level finance to capital market investment that will allow scale-up financing for renewable energy projects on farms. This process will bring together farmers, policymakers, investors, academics, and other key stakeholders who are critical to this transition. Acute problems include: 1) a lack of information regarding key aspects such as system-level performance of current RES installations on farms and 2) farmers´ incentives for engagement in RES production.

    In order to produce the relevant information, an international survey will be carried out by RESFARM partners during the next months. The survey will provide insights in at least two key aspects: 1) performance of current installations and 2) willingness of farmers to set up and operate RES installations, using different means of financing and being involved in pooled projects for RES development.

    If you are a farmer or a representative of a farmers´ association you can participate in this survey and your opinions and needs will be taken into account.

  • Through RESFARM the best solutions for installing renewable energy and bringing energy efficiency to farms under the best conditions have been identified. Hundreds of farmers have been interviewed to meet the sector’s real needs and to develop the enormous potential farms have to produce their own energy. All the possible alternative financing and installation options have been analysed and the most convenient for farmers have been selected.

    Now is the time for action to be taken, and this requires the mobilisation of the largest possible number of farms wishing to produce their own clean energy. Through RESFARM your farm’s potential will be analysed free of charge or obligation and you will then know what is the best technical and financial solution for the installation of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency. In this way, you will be able to decide how to save energy and make your farm more sustainable. Farms that can use energy solutions and finance promoted by RESFARM solutions include:

    1. Irrigated crops
    2. Poultry farms
    3. Dairy farms
    4. Pig farms
    5. Greenhouses
    6. Processing plants

    If you are the farm owner or manager and you are keen to take control of your energy bill and use technologies that respect the environment, then RESFARM is of interest to you. For more information please fill in the form below or contact any agricultural associations participating in RESFARM.