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The RESFARM project has developed a unique investment tool for farmers who want to install a renewable energy system (RES) on their farms.

One of the core activities of the RESFARM project is the creation of a pool, which is a set of projects selected as suitable investment tools through a web platform. To do this an application will automatically issue a technical report assessing what installation is deemed most appropriate, always according to the information provided.

We have just undertaken the task of training of advisers from farming associations which belong to the RESFARM project.

These workshops will explain all aspects that may be of interest when carrying out consultancies and can enhance the adviser’s work (introduction to the project, renewable energy technologies, application management, investment-finance tool).

Once the advisers have received training, they will begin to give invaluable advice. Those interested in RES will visit offices and receive an assessment. The assessments will be made from the provided data, using the features of each farm requested on the application and from what the advisers have entered.

Contact RESFARM over the next few days and receive personalised and comprehensive assessment. Discover your farm’s potential to use renewable energy AT NO COST AND UNDER NO OBLIGATION. We will inform you on what is the best technical and economical solution, and if you are interested, a made-to-measure preliminary design will be made for you.